About Us

The Hijab Rights Advocacy Initiative  is a Muslim Women based Non-Governmental Organisation that caters for the rights of Muslim women who choose to wear the Hijab in Nigeria

It aims at educating Government and Private Institutions, Media outlets, Corporate bodies and General public on the Rights of Muslim women to wear the hijab as given by God and also as guaranteed under the Nigerian Constitution and how it translates into their interaction with the society.

While there are several NGOs catering for the need of women, and a few ones for Muslim women, there is none particularly focused on the upholding the right of the hijab wearing Muslim woman (Hijabis).

In recent times in our dear country Nigeria, there have been more debates about the hijab of Muslim women. Starting from the issue of hijab in Lagos state government secondary schools, to registration for Drivers’ license, Voter’s card,  BVN, International Passports, Visas etc. and most recent, the issue of security in the country.

It seems most of the debate have been anchored mostly by men on both sides i.e. those for the Hijab and those that believe Muslim women need not wear the hijab or that it should be modified to what their society dictates; whether it conforms to Islam or not! And in all these discuss some have criticized Muslim women for not speaking out (enough) for themselves especially on this issue.

Furthermore, at least once in a month for the past year, cases have been reported on matters relating to the denial of rights to Muslim women who wear the hijab mostly in Lagos and some places like Oyo, Ilorin and even Abuja. Some were resolved, many others were left unresolved.

This need led to the birth of Hijab Advocacy Coalition. An organization enabling Muslim women to speak up for them themselves especially on the issue of the Hijab. As an organisation it provides social and legal support for women who are being abused or discriminated against for wearing the Hijab.

It documents cases and incidents of such abuse and discrimination of Hijab wearing Muslim women and serves as a platform to promote research and provide a proactive means of resolving these issues peacefully.

It serves as a voice through which Muslim women can air their opinions on current issues, as well as institutional and governmental policies that affect their rights and seek peaceful ways for its quick and effective resolution. It also serves as a networking platform for Muslim women. It is a tool by which Muslim women are speaking up for Muslim Women.


Mutiat  Toyosi  Orolu-balogun (Mrs). 

  • Attended Federal Government College Ikot-Ekpene, Akwa-Ibom State and Federal Government Girls’ College Oyo.
  • Studied Law at Lagos State University (LASU), and trained at Nigerian Law School Victoria Island Lagos.
  • Finished Ibtidaayi (Arabic and Islamic studies) at Markazul Hidayah li dirasatil Arabiyya wa Islamiyya, Okoko Lagos
  • Diploma in Business Administration( Human Resources) at Academic College London ( Dubai campus)
  • Bagged LLM (Masters in Law) at Kingston University, London, UK.
  • Worked at Sharaf DG, Dubai UAE; Gani Adetola-Kaseem(SAN) & Co. Currently a Part-time Presenter at NTA2 Lagos Network Centre Victoria island Lagos; Managing Partner at MSB Solicitors, Ikoyi Lagos and CEO, Royal Coast Travels Ltd, Ikoyi Lagos.
  • Married with three young children and resides in Ikoyi Lagos.

Contact: info@hijabadvocacy.com.ng