Hijab Rights Advocacy Initiative is a Muslim Women based Non-Governmental Organisation that caters for the rights of Muslim women who choose to wear the Hijab in Nigeria . It aims at educating Government and Private Institutions, Media outlets, Corporate bodies and General public on the Rights of Muslim women to wear the hijab as given by God and also as guaranteed under the Nigerian Constitution and how it translates into their interaction with the society.

While there are several NGOs catering for the need of women, and a few ones for Muslim women, there is none particularly focused on the upholding the right of the hijab wearing Muslim woman (Hijabis).

In recent times in our dear country Nigeria, there have been more debates about the hijab of Muslim women. Starting from the issue of hijab in Lagos state government secondary schools, to registration for Drivers’ license, Voter’s card,  BVN, International Passports, Visas etc. and most recent, the issue of security in the country.