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admin January 16, 2019


In Ogun State, unlike many others, it’s a taboo for the Muslim girls to enroll in public schools, built with Muslim and Christian tax, using… Hijab 🧕🏻! Plethora of unreported cases reveal how *your Muslim children are suppressed, repressed and oppressed, turning them to victims of psycho-emotional persecution by the *intolerant teachers* and colonial educational policy.

Why? H-i-j-a-b!

Baby Aisha (age 9), another innocent victim of attack on Hijab, is in a High Court at Isabo, Abeokuta, to enforce her constitutional rights (section 38)… their divine rights (Q.33:59; 24:31). She heartily cries , on behalf of all Muslim women, for your moral aid: physical *presence in the courtroom on Wednesday 16th Jan., 2019, at 9am!


Out of relative obscurity, *we all have a Mission to fulfill  or…betray. In anticipation of your esteemed sacrifice and on behalf of Ogun State Ummah, Aisha says: “JazakumuLlahu khyran “ as you share this invitation with your contacts.

For enquiries call : 08182989188, 07088953910, 08033254513.

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