• Create a multi-organizational link/networking especially with respect to women-based organizations hence most members on the Board of Trustees are from several organizations.
  • Create a multi-institutional network of youths, cutting across universities, colleges and polytechnics.
  • Organize Annual/Quarterly seminars
  • We need to use the social media as our major tool to reach people and create awareness
  • Have a well-designed and packaged assignment.



  • Liaise with Hijabis across institutions in Nigeria
  • Have at least two correspondents in each institutions and/or organizations
  • Have people share their personal Hijab stories /complaints on our website i.e hijabadvocacy.com.ng ( our website is live but we are still adding content)
  • Investigating and Addressing those issues as raised.
  • We need to connect with issues people face using the hijab- we want to be their listening ear and help out in our own capacity
  • Move around holiday camps and Islamic programs to create awareness; we should not limit our outreach to the social media.



  • The need to first enlighten Muslims and non-Muslims about what Islam says concerning hijab- there are definitely Muslims who do not believe hijab is a divine injunction. Such orientation needs to be addressed because sadly, some Muslims are the present day headache of Islam.


  • We need to address the provision of the law on religious liberty
  • The need to marry these two provisions; the Qur’anic provisions and the law
  • Re-awakening, restructuring and re-awareness of the Muslimah in every Hijabi